Our Mission

We are one of the most traditional golf clubs in Germany, supported by a vibrant community of members and employees, united by the joy of successfully playing a challenging round of golf in the Hannover Region.

100 years of Golfclub Hannover: In 2023, the traditional club located in the Hannover region will celebrate a very special anniversary. Since the beginning, the sportive orientation has been the focus at GCH, and nothing has changed in this regard to this day when it comes to mastering the forest course located at Blauer See. Golf in Hanover was and is a challenging game on narrow fairways lined with historic trees.

Clubculture Golf Club Hannover

In 2023 we celebrate 100 years of GCH. Our non-profit organization has since been supported by the wide range of volunteer work of its members, decide with your rights and obligations on the direction, guidance and important investments. All investments are made from contributions and donations, as are non-profit institution, and therefore we remain independent and our charitable quality specification.

The entire area is leased by the Lower Saxony Forestry. The golf course and all the facilities like clubhouse, caddy house and all practice facilities are the property of the golf club and thus belongs to the members.

Rightly so our members are proud of the historically developed features and advantages of the GCH. Of outstanding importance here based on the level and quality of club culture is supported by our members. As a membership driven oriented club that privilege is maintained for our members in all circumstances.

The Executive Board of the golf club sees it as an essential task to maintain the high quality of its members upright. The aim is to provide members and guests golf sports activities in a pleasant atmosphere on a beautiful, natural woodland course.

Among us are etiquette and Spirit of the Game - In our Club Community there are numerous written and unwritten rules, which are combined in sweepstakes calendar and in the Member's information, which are based on international principles of the fairway. This assisted by the Board of rules has always contributed to a successful and pleasant cooperation. A label-conscious behavior on the court, on the practice facilities and the club facilities is granted. Our members follow and "live" these principles. Member of our club is open to anyone of these also observed and subscribes to all Club members will be given an orientation.

Behavior in GCH - For a polite interaction with each other is that we greet each other, just as our guests when we meet on the premises of the club, the car park or in the clubhouse. All golfers will depend on the usual dress code that is displayed in the betting game calendar. As a golf club we support the athletic stance to take on the competition and participate in tournaments. Such regulations are published in the Sweepstakes order in the tournament calendar.

Your personal contribution: Compliance with the Golf Etiquette and observance of rules is a common task. Each member is even asked to speak other members and guests in due form, if they do not behave the way we want it in our golf club.

Der Vorstand