Dress Code

The club emphasizes clean, correct clothing on the course, and in the Clubhouse,also at the award ceremonies. The golfing Clothes rule of respect for teammates and is a part of the Etikette.

To dress correctly for a mutual pleasure, is also a demonstration of their own will, is to affiliate the golfing community and accept the rules and behaviors.


Hats (Caps) must be worn with the sun cover forward. All other standard golf headwear are accepted. In confined spaces, the cap is to be removed.


Golf shirts must have a collar, or have a turtle neck and sleeves. The shirts must be worn inside the Trousers. Collarless shirts, even those that were manufactured by renowned golf manufacturers, as well as all kinds of T-shirts are not permitted. Sleeveless Polos for Women are allowed.

long Trousers

Washed and torn Trousers are prohibited.

Short Trousers / Skirts / Shorts

Should be worn in an appropriate form.


Only golf shoes with soft spikes or studs allowed.

Mobile phone

Please programme your Mobilephone to silent mode or activate your vibrator, so not to disturb concentration  to other golfplayers.

These rules of conduct apply to all golfers, for their caddies and for accompanying persons. If not dressed accordingly, access will be denied to the golf course. This also includes the area of the driving range and practice facilities and all the putting greens.

The dress code is monitored and implemented at all times. All employees of the Golf Club Hannover e. V. are encouraged to deny access to the Golfcourse to any person who does not respect  the rules. So please avoid unpleasant mutual interest situations.